About Us


About Us

Rey Training Center is a private facility offering Group Fitness, Self Defense, and Personal Training. 

Meet the Team of Professionals 

Michael Reynolds is the owner and founder of RTC. He has 20+yrs of martial arts experience in many different styles and systems. He has been inducted into several martial arts hall of fames. He has a PHD in Martial Arts Philosophy and Science. He holds certifications in police defensive tactics and military close quarter combatives.

Thomas Reynolds is a decorated combat vet who served with 1st marine reconnaissance BN and was the tip of the spear during the initial invasion of Iraq. He was deployed twice to Iraq and attended multiple high risk courses as a private military contractor. He is currently with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department. He works with gangs and is working to one day go to major crimes division. He owns a threat assessment and risk consulting firm called BRS, INC. His firm has provided services to affluent dignitaries, celebrities , athletes, and fortune 500 individuals.

Both brothers have an extensive background in high risk security and risk management. Michael and Thomas have combined their expertise and experience to give you the best training out there.

They believe both fitness and self defense are two major factors to living a healthy life.

How It Works

You have the option to choose by program or you can select a single class. We also offer the flexibility to custom fit your program to your individual needs. Ask for more information. 

Have A Queston?

Email us at info@reytrainingcenter.com or call us at (845)-920-8700